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Diamon-Fusion Treatment


Diamon-Fusion Treatment (DFI)

DIAMON-FUSION™, an award-winning technology (see awards), uses a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), which is a scientific method that precisely creates a vapor (or mist) of a formulated chemical. Surfaces containing silica (silicon dioxide), like glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, and granite, absorb the vapor into those surfaces, filling in the microscopic ridges and valleys of the surface and making them smoother.

DIAMON-FUSION™ then “caps” the molecule chains to increase durability and repellency even more. The process bonds to form a protective layer of optically clear durable material, making the surface dramatically easier to clean and more resistant to weathering.

Glass Shower Enclosures – Well known for being difficult to clean and maintain. The major cleaning product manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble and Lysol have all followed suit in bringing daily shower sprays to market. With a single application lasting for years, DIAMON-FUSION™ virtually eliminates the need for those daily shower sprays. With DIAMON-FUSION™, all that is needed to maintain the treated glass is a splash of clean water after each shower and an occasional swipe with a body loofah glove(supplied free with every application of DIAMON-FUSION™).
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